Tucson Model A Ford Club

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Since 1964, the Tucson Model A Ford Club has been devoted to preserving, promoting, and exchanging ideas about Model A Ford automobiles manufactured from 1928 through 1931.


The Tucson Model A Ford Club is a non-profit corporation and is a chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America, Inc. (MAFCA). MAFCA membership is required to be a member of the Tucson Model A Ford Club in order to be covered by liability insurance.


Club outings are designated on the fourth Sunday of each month unless voted by the membership for a different date.

Tucson Model A Ford Club - Officers 2018



Joe Findysz

Phone: 520-954-0372

Email: jkfindysz@yahoo.com


1st Vice President
David Ramsower

Phone: (520)

2nd Vice President
Rey Brown

Email: softtopcoupe@yahoo.com


Mike Liebert

Phone: 520-529-8662

Email: HikingMike@aol.com


Christina Laukaitis

Phone: (520)


Board Of Directors

Tom McWilliams




Ray Feierstein


Email: sanrays@msn.com


Chuck Thim



Frank Pyrdeck




Bob Karn



 Past President



Shorty Alison
(520) 982-8965

 Old Pueblo A Editor



David Rivard
Email:David Rivard


Committee Chairs


Scott Parsons


Allen Elvick
Chuck Thim
Car Shows Ray Feierstein
Cards Lynn Thim
Chaplain Bernice Edwards
Chapter Chatter Mike Liebert
Chuck Thim
Membership Dan Osterman

Ron Uhle
Ray Feierstein
Participation Awards Rey Brown
Phone Committee
Ray Feierstein

Chuck Thim
Sam Logan
Refreshments Rey Brown
Technical Seminars Ron Edwards
Tucson Model A Craft Betty Trimble
Video - Librarian
Scott Parsons
Rey Brown











Sam Doty Commemorative Recipents
2018   2008 Rey Brown
2017 Mike & Ann Liebert   2007 Ray Feierstein
2016 Jim & Sally Beebe   2006 Rich Whalen
2015 Joe & Kelly Findysz   2005 Ron & Bernice Edwards
2014 Gary & Laura Roberts   2004 Carey & Linda Kent
2013 Shorty Allison   2003 Carl & Pat Gremmler
2012 Bruce & Maggie Edwards   2002 Chuck & Lynn Thim
2011 Ron Edwards   2001 Pauline Upton
2010 Nancy Frazer   2000 Fran Sotardi
2009 Delena Conn   1999 Cliff & Betty Trimble
Take a look at the plaque




Past presidents - Tucson Chapter
2017-2018 Joe Findysz  
2015-2016 Dan Osterman  
2013-2014 Shorty Allison   1987 Linda Kent
2011-2012 Gary Roberts   1986 Dan Cierpik
2009-2010 Nancy Frazer   1985 Chuck Molander
2007-2008 Rich Whalen   1984 Dick Esch
2005-2006 Bruce Edwards   1983 Carl Gremmler
2004 Nancy Frazer   1981-1982 Larry Smith
2003 Rod Frazer   1979-1980 Ron Jones
2002 Pauline Upton   1978 Gary Roberts
2000-2001 Rey Brown   1977-1978 Don Nelson
1999 Allen Elvick   1976 Dick Upton
1998 Rey Brown   1975 Dale Frino
1997 Andy Neal   1974 Tom Fitzpatrick
1996 Dick Upton   1973 Ed Lynch
1995 Fritz Mietzner   1972 Ron Edwards
1993-1994 Ron Edwards   1970-1971 Will Martin
1991-1992 Sam Logan   1969 Robert Friske
1990 Mike Clark   1967-1968 George Musil
1988-1989 Mike Routt   1966 Harry Ribble
  1964-1965 Sam Doty


Outing Chairperson Guidelines:


  • In March 2010, this document for outings was updated by the club. This link is a pdf file.  

           Outing Chairperson Guidelines.




Tucson Chapter Model A Ford Club of America - Bylaws:


  • In March 2011, the Bylaws was updated by the club. This link is a pdf file.  

           Tucson Chapter Model A Ford Club of America Bylaws.




Tucson Chapter Model A Ford Club of America :


  • 1st Newsletter of the Tucson Chapter of MAFCA on November 1964.  

           Model A 1st Newsletter Nov 1964.


  • 1st Outing Invite of the Tucson Chapter of MAFCA on April 1964.  

           Model A 1st Newsletter Nov 1964.




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