Tucson Model A Ford Club

Sam Doty Commemorative
 The back of the plaque reads:
The Sam Doty Commemorative
The Edwards created this plaque in December 1999
In the loving memory of SAM DOTY
Who always gave time and energy above and beyond to the
The first couple honored with this plaque, because they too work above and beyond
the norm, is
Cliff and Betty Trimble
At the 1999 Christmas banquet at the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch.
Cliff and Betty will present the plaque to the person(s) of their choice
At the December 2000 Banquet.
Subsequent recipients will continue the tradition.
A small plaque will be given to the person relinquishing the large plaque.
Which will be theirs to keep.
The club will have the large plaque inscribed with the appropriate name and date
and will provide the smaller plaque to the relinquishing party.
Give in love to our Model A Family
Ron & Bernice Edwards  12/99