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Tucson Estates Memorial Day Parade May 2010

                   Memorial Day 2010 was a great morning to be out and about in our Model As. Seven Model As met at McDonald's for breakfast. The Tucson Model A Club , as always, was an impressive sight at the parade. Each Model A was identified by model and year along with the driver and passenger by the reviewing stand announcer.


                   Thanks to T& C Carr, S. Logan & L. Wilmore, R. & N. Frazer, S. Parsons, F. Mietzner, A. & M. Elvick .and R. Feierstein for supporting the Tucson Estates Memorial Day Parade and help[ing to remember our military personnel both past and present.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ron Uhle


Thanks to Sam Logan for these wonderful pictures.... Keep them coming Sam....


































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