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Arivaca Tour & Lunch - January 2010

On a beautiful Sunday, 24 January 2010, 59 people and 17 "A"s made the super nice drive to Arivaca. Weather was good and the quaint country road made for good traveling.

A special thank you to Bernice and Ron Edwards. It was such a comfort knowing they were following with the tool box. A special thank you to Corky for her help.


According to Mrs. Diana Dougherty of the Arivaca Human Re-source Community Outreach Program our visit netted $791.12 clear profit. The monies will be used to help feed residents of Arivaca and for the school children of SASABE.

Since the State has cut Arivaca's assistance funding by 50%; this community is hurting for funds to take care of their own.


Thank you to each participant. You did make a difference to a very grateful community that enjoyed being with us and love our antique cars.


As I looked back at the long procession of 17"A"s it felt great to be a member of this caring club; especially as one of the local residents said "Thank you" for giving us a part of Americana with your beautiful cars and generous hearts.

Respectfully submitted:

Delena F. Conn Elsie I. Rose





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