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Villa Hermosa Car Chow - June 2010

Villa Hermosa Saturday June 19, 2010 was a great success.  We agreed on 15 vehicles and ended up with 21.  We had Model A's ,T's and 5 classic cars from the V.M.C.C.A. Now that is what I am talking about. They gave us breakfast with pancakes, bacon,  coffee , bottled water, orange juice and sausage.  Are we getting full yet? The place was very nice and very new. If all goes well they, want us back next year. Thank you all that came out to support the club with their vehicles( Si & Millie Burgheimer, Scott Parsons, Rod and Nancy, Delena & Corky, MeShell and Greg Mortensen, Chuck Thim, Gary & Laura Roberts, Linda Kent & Noni Davis, Fritz, Allen & Marianne Elvick, Sam Logan & Linda Wilmore, Don Vagasky, Jack Stroehlein, Bud Duvall, Bob Estep, Jeanne Stevens, Tom Verrier and The V.M.C.C.A., Ray & Steve Feierstein).


  Thanks goes to Ray Feierstein for these wonderful pictures..... 


Thanks to Sam Logan for these wonderful pictures..... 





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