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Mt. Lemmon - August 2010


Mount Lemmon Outing

     Thank you to all who once again made the trek up the mountain road to enjoy a cool day in the pines. A special thanks to the five brave souls who drove their As (Epleys, Etchells, Meitzners, Rich Whalen, and the Williams), one Model T driver (Vegasky) and the R. Edwards who drove that modern ’35 Ford V-8. The cars all made it up and down just fine. Altogether, we had 35 members and 12 guests. There was a lot of yummy food and even some left over so everyone must have gotten their fill.


    A big thanks to our co-hosts, Chuck and Lynn Thim, for doing all the behind the scenes legwork that make this outing possible. It’s not much fun gathering stuff from the shed, doing the shopping, loading everything up, and then unloading it again twice in the hottest part of the summer. Give them an extra hug next time you see them. Also, thanks to everyone who pitched-in to help cook, clean-up, and who took bags of trash. Many hands make light work and it was much appreciated.


We hope that everyone had an enjoyable day.

Carey & Linda Kent

Chuck & Lynn Thim


Thanks to Chuck Thim for these wonderful pictures....




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