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The Gaslight Theatre - July 27, 2014



The Gaslight Theatre - July 2014 Outing


On July 27, 53 Model A Club members and guests came out on a warm evening to enjoy the latest Gaslight Theatre presentation, “GHOSTBLASTERS”. Our heroes, Zack Freeman, a scientist, and Wally Beaker, a parapsychologist have made an important scientific discovery! They have proof of the existence of paranormal activity, in other words, Ghosts (including the little green guy named Slobber)! This great discovery occurs in the nick of time to save Metropolitan City from Grendl the Despised. She is being reincarnated after being trapped for centuries in a nether world. Isn’t it fortunate that the Ghostblasters come on the scene just in time to save the City (and maybe the world)! Every super hero needs a love interest to hold in his heart until evil is defeated. As always, good triumphed over evil trying to take over the city, our Ghostblasters vanquish Grendl the Despised and her henchmen, our Ghostblaster hero Jake and Secretary Susie find true love, and Metropolitan City is safe, at least until the next super villain moves to town.


We have a member that really likes a choice of seats. For years he and his lovely bride have arrived far in advance of other members. This year, this long term member calls me at 4:30pm to verify the show start time. Laura and I arrive about 5:00pm to an empty seating line for the first time in memory. Minutes later they arrived to be second in line, which is late for them.


As always, it was a fun show with lots of gags, bad puns, and lame jokes. Just the ingredients for a laugh filled night. Laura and I hope all enjoyed the show as much as we did organizing the event. We wish to thank all who attended. We hope we see you next year for another fun night at the Gaslight Theatre.


Gary & Laura Roberts

July Outing Chairs







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